We offer conversions and TÜV approval for all US cars and all other import vehicles from non-EU countries. Any vehicle that was not built for the EU must be retrofitted and approved by TÜV (§21) in order to be registered on German roads.


Benefit from our experience.

We have experience since 1977 and offer the highest quality solutions available on the market. We use latest tools.

In addition to the conversion belongs to our activity and above all the fulfillment of the theoretical requirements such as vehicle data sheets, photometric surveys and emission analysis.

We have extensive databases:

  •     exhaust

  •     noise

  •     Light / spotlight

  •     brake

  •     noise

  •     EMC (electromagnetic compatibility)

Our offer for you:

  • Qualified professionals in the field of vehicle electrics


  • Conversion of all vehicles, including all European and Asian manufacturers.

  • Refitting LED is part of our daily business as well as reprogramming Can Bus systems.

  • Fast and uncomplicated processing within a few working days incl. Tüv acceptance

  • Your control unit is professionally supported by resistors and relays

  • We try to integrate additional functions without the installation of extra luminaires

  • Customer support even after the conversion

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